From Duck Lips to Camera Angle, Here are the Do’s and Don’ts of Selfie Photography

From Duck Lips to Camera Angle, Here are the Do’s and Don’ts of Selfie Photography


Let’s face it, we’ve all taken a selfie or two in our lifetime. With the rise of social media, the selfie has become an increasingly popular way to capture a moment and share it with friends and followers. But as anyone who’s ever scrolled through their Instagram feed can attest, not all selfies are created equal. If you want to up your selfie game, check out these dos and don’ts of selfie photography.


Do Find Your Light

Selfies look best when taken in natural light. When possible, step outside or position yourself near a window to make sure your face is well-lit. Avoid using the flash on your camera phone, as this can create a harsh light that is unflattering. If you are taking a selfie at night or in a dimly lit room, use the front-facing flash on your phone to brighten up your shot.


Don’t Use the Front-Facing Camera Only

Your phone’s front-facing camera is great for taking quick selfies, but if you want to up your photography game, use both the front and rear-facing cameras. The rear-facing camera typically has a higher megapixel rating than the front-facing camera, which means it will take clearer pictures. Additionally, the rear-facing camera gives you the ability to zoom in and out, as well as add other filters and effects that can improve your photos.


Do Experiment with Angles

The key to a good selfie is finding the right angle. Everyone has their own “good side,” so experiment until you find yours. For some people, holding the camera slightly above their head creates a more flattering shot. Others prefer to take selfies from below, tilting the camera upward. And don’t be afraid to experiment with different posing—try turning your body or tilting your head to the side for a more interesting photo.


Don’t Add Too Many Filters

We get it, those Valencia filter options are tempting—but resist the urge to go overboard with them! A little bit of filtering can enhance your photos and make them look more professional. But too many filters can make your photos look artificial and overdone. When in doubt, less is more when it comes to filters (and selfies in general).

Taking a great selfie is all about finding the right light, angles, and filters. Now get out there and start snapping away!


Below will be a local map of Omaha hidden spots to take shots – show check back soon!